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Flip Wall Street's Free Kit Includes:

  • FWS e-Book
  • Product Demonstration
  • Stock Market Training
  • Examples of Strategy Templates

Trading Platform:

  • 100% point and click
  • No programming required
  • No live brokerage account required to start
  • Lock in profits during market advances


FWS e-Book

Download a copy of Flipping Wall Street's e-Book to learn about our trading platforms.

Product Demonstration

Watch a free demo of the FLIP stock trading platform.

Stock Market Training

By filling out the above form you will receive access to free online stock market training.

Strategy Templates

Gain access to trading strategy templates for simulation educational purposes.

Trading Platform Testimonials:

  • When I was told about the returns I could expect, I thought it was too good to be true. But after using it, I believe it's the real deal.
    –Phillip R., Chicago, Illinois
  • This robotic trader gave me the ability to take my strategies that I was already using and input them into the system-just point and click.
    –Jeff, New York City, NY
  • It won't buy or sell stock unless it passes different rules. I couldn't watch multiple stocks where there are rules attached but this can.
    –Patrick, Scottsdale, AZ


  • Using this robotic trader, you let it do its job. You just sit back and watch it make money. I feel I'm in control of my finances. It's a great feeling!
    –Gerald, Scottsdale, AZ
  • I've been trading for years, and this robotic trading platform is the best tool that I've found that both screens stocks and automatically does the trading.
    –Jeffrey H.
  • I love my robotic trader! One position that I was holding went up 19%. The trader grabbed that profit as soon as it started turning.
    –Ian, New York City, NY


  • I've got a robotic system that picks the stocks; trades the stocks; closes out the trades & I don't do anything except look at my P&L.
    –Jeff, NY
  • Nothing could be easier. It turns itself on in the mornings, buys and sells stocks during market hours and turns itself off after the market closes.
    –Char M.
  • I set my AutoTrader to run automatically every morning. It scalps steady profits virtually every trading day and then turns itself off.
    –Glen G.